The new LEKTRI.CO charger station

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High performance destination charger

LEKTRI.CO manufactures a modern electric car charging station designed to work with any vehicle on the market and throughout all temperature ranges with a compact design and flexible architecture.

The robust design of the charger facilitates the charging of any electrical vehicle equipped with a type 2 connector, protecting the power grid through its active protective systems.

LEKTRI.CO is compliant with international standards and has been certified for IEC61851.

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Easy installation and included maintenance

Modern design allows easy installation and operation, and LEKTRI.CO is next to you at any time during installation.

We provide technical documentation, installation manual, consultancy and installation recommendations according to the type of electrical network.

The LEKTRI.CO electric vehicle charger can be installed both for domestic use and for commercial or business locations.

And after installation, you have maintenance included throughout your contract duration.


LEKTRI.CO portal allows you to view charging parameters at any time, from anywhere, even from your mobile phone

Be visible to your customers

For charging station owners, we offer online marketing services, on the most important online maps and social media so that the charger is easy to find for any driver.