Although electric cars seem a special alternative, there are certain things that worry a potential buyer:
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The autonomy of an electric car

Most fully electric vehicles do not exceed a range of 400 kilometers, but vehicles traveling in major cities have an average of 14 km / day. Typical drivers usualy make the journeys home-office, eventually school and shopping, and yet the average distance traveled in a typical day is only 14 km / day. If the typical driver charges the vehicle at home or at work, 90% of his journeys can be made electrically.
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Reduced number of chargers

In Romania, there are 286 chargers distributed in major cities, and the number of electric cars registered in the Vehicle Register is around 1200. A charger for every two electric cars is a convenient charger distribution amount. The lack of charging stations can be compensated if you can find them at work or at home: it helps the driver to no longer depend on public charging stations.
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Chargers working status

In addition to the reduced number of charging stations in Romania, an unpleasant scenario to drivers is if the charger is not functioning or if it is already occupied by another electric car.

We want to help you charge more easily

The vehicle’s autonomy is limited. The number of public chargers is limited. But having a charger at home or at work is a viable option.

Install a charging station for electric cars and no longer depend on stops at all kinds of non-functional chargers from outside your usual travelling area.

Easy to use, ZE ready, with remote charging check option, the LEKTRI.CO charger does not require a large initial investment.