Institutions & Public Utilities

Be the image of environmental trends and innovation
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Help building a green and unpolluted city

What do you gain?

  • The image of a modern institution that adapts to global changes
  • As an electricity company, you associate yourself with buzzwords like electrical energy and innovative transportation
  • If you’re a Public Administration, you show an interest to your residents’ health
  • You can improve the quality of life by promoting a greener driving style
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Generate additional income

By installing a priced charging station you can add to your normal income. An electric charging station allows you to set up the price you want.
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We can help you every step of the way

  • Installing services
  • Consultancy in choosing the right charging station for you
  • Free electrical current with a system that monitors the consumption of delivered energy
  • User identification: RFID cards and integration with other cards, by choice
  • Billing service of end users
  • Registering to online map providers and in navigation systems

Destination charging station, easy to use.​​