Smart Load Balancing

Our software monitors power usage within the building and automatically adjusts the charging current to prevent overloading*

* Requires load balancing add-on.

PV Ready

The solution is also compatible with any PV installation


Never worry that the main circuit breaker limit is exceeded - automatic power adjustments


Connect multiple chargers to the same power circuit
The load balancing addon enables LEKTRI.CO chargers to manage and balance the electrical load between the building, solar panels, and electric vehicle so that the total power consumption stays within the main breaker limit. It also enables solar energy charging for 100 percent green driving with zero carbon emissions.
Two variants of Smart Load Balancing are available
Purely Cloud-Based Load Balancing
Suitable for large parking lots, companies, and shopping malls.
Only for installations with a dedicated power supply.
Does not require additional hardware.
It allows the installation of a higher number of chargers, exceeding the power supply’s limit.
Remote management and overview
Load balancing between chargers, so that the power supply limit is not exceeded.
Cloud Load Balancing with local measurements
Suitable for large parking lots, companies, and shopping malls.
Works for installations with a large number of chargers, variable power availability, and/or PV systems
Requires current clamp at the installation site to monitor external consumption or solar energy production
Load balancing between chargers, with external power consumption or PV production
Manage charging modes remotely via the smartphone app

Smart Load Balancing Modes

When paired with a PV system, there are 3 charging modes available to choose from


Charge with the highest available power. Adjusts to any power changes within the building to avoid overload.


Charge with solar energy whenever available. Adjusts to available energy and continues charging even when it's not enough.


Charge only using solar energy. Adjusts charging power to the amount of solar energy production. Pauses charging when there is not enough solar energy.

LEKTRI.CO chargers are designed with care for the environment in mind, so it is really easy to integrate with any existing or future photovoltaic system.


Smart EV charging solutions


Home charging is the most convenient way of charging

Apartment blocks

If you live in a condo, we can help you charge your car at home.

Commercial buildings

Charging solutions for your business, shopping mall, or parking lot.

Let's charge it up

A smart charger makes everybody's life easier!






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