LEKTRI.CO 1P7K EV charger

1P7K was designed with care for the environment in mind, so it is really easy to integrate with your existing or future photovoltaic system.

Smart Home Ready

1P7K connects to your home Wi-Fi and can be controlled by smartphone or other smart devices using IoT technology standards.

Our charger is compatible with Home Assistant integrations, making it easy to integrate it into your smart home.

Easy configuration

Installation is a breeze. The app takes you through each step with the help of our wizard.

Remote start/stop

With the LEKTRI.CO app, you can start and stop charging even when you are not around your car.

Adjustable charging current

You can change the current whenever you need it and intuitively set your preferred LED intensity.

Scheduled charging

Save money and make the whole electric grid stable. LEKTRI.CO helps you charge your car battery during the low-tariff hours by setting this in the mobile app.

Smart load balancing*

Using a smart meter with a small current clamp, our software automatically monitors the power used by home appliances and adjusts the charging current accordingly.

Attached charging cable

5m long to suit every location
* Requires load balancing add-on.

PV Ready

If you’re a homeowner and you want to convert your solar-generated electricity into emission-free miles for your car, 1P7K is the perfect solution!
There are 3 charging modes for you to choose from when paired with the PV system:


Charge with the highest available power. Adjusts to any power changes within the building to avoid overload.


Charge with solar energy whenever available. Adjusts to available energy and continues charging even when it's not enough.


Charge only using solar energy. Adjusts charging power to the amount of solar energy production. Pauses charging when there is not enough solar energy.
* Requires load balancing add-on.

Dedicated mobile app

Easy setup

Intuitive setup wizard which will guide you through the process step by step

Remote control

Remotely start/stop the charging process

Current limit

You can change the charging current whenever you need it

PV integration settings

PV integration settings - charge based on your needs

Designed by EOOS

Our minimalist and lightweight design make it effortless to integrate the newest EV charger into any home, especially when paired with PV systems.


We have collected all documentation in one place, so it is easy for you to access the documents you need. Below is a list of documents related to your product.
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n – 2.4GHz frequency
RESTful API and RPCs
API for external integrations and photovoltaic solutions

Home Assistant and local API available
HomeAssistant enabled IFTTT, Google Home and Amazon Alexa
Type 2
Cable length
5 m
Charging power (kW)
Up to 7.4kW
Single phase supply
Charging current (A)
32A max
One phase main supply
Programmable charging current
6 - 32 A
Software programmable remotely and dynamically
Supply Voltage (V)
230 VAC – 50 Hz
IEC 61851

OCPP 1.6
1P7K is OCPP 1.6 standard compatible
19cm x 19cm x 8.8cm
Cable included
On the wall
Case fixed on wall

On the pillar
Case fixed on pillar
Operating temperature
– 25 °C … + 45 °C
Protection from dust, splashing water. Outdoor use is possible.

Resistance to pendulum shock: mass of
5kg, 40cm string.

LEKTRI.CO 1P7K Brochure

Download file
(PDF - 1.3 Mb)

LEKTRI.CO 1P7K Datasheet

Download file
(PDF - 185 Kb)

LEKTRI.CO 1P7K Installation manual

Download file
(PDF - 2.8 Mb)

How can we help?

Every LEKTRI.CO support engineer is ready to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.
Check out our support page

Let's charge it up

A charger that can provide emission-free miles for EVs.






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