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Home charging is the most convenient way of charging

Truth is, we can all use a little less hassle. Home charging is the easiest way for your EV to recharge at night and be ready for the day ahead.
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PV Ready

Charge your EV for free and enjoy an environmentally friendly ride.
To get the most out of your photovoltaic system, you have the following options:


Charge with the highest available power. Adjusts to any power changes within the building to avoid overload.


Charge with solar energy whenever available. Adjusts to available energy and continues charging even when it's not enough sunshine.


Charge only using solar energy. Adjusts charging power to the amount of solar energy production. Pauses charging when there is not enough sunshine.

Smart Load Balancing

Never worry about overloading your electrical system as our charger automatically monitors the power used by home appliances and adjusts the charging current accordingly*
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* Requires load balancing add-on.

The NEW 1P7K Charger



Compact enough to fit in any home, our product is also easy to use.


Track, manage and control charging sessions from the LEKTRI.CO mobile app.


Overcurrent, overheating and RCD protections are integrated
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Smart Home Ready

We aim to make your life easier by helping control your charger remotely


1P7K connects to your home Wi-Fi and can be controlled by your smartphone


Easy to integrate into your smart home, being compatible with Home Assistant

Dedicated mobile app

Interact with your charger directly from your phone

PV integration

PV integration settings - charge based on your needs

Remote control

Remotely start/stop the charging process

Current limit

You can change the charging current whenever you need it

Easy setup

Intuitive setup wizard which will guide you through the process step by step

Safe and easy to install

Because our chargers have integrated residual current monitoring, there's no need to spend extra money on pricey external devices.. Your new charger can be installed by any qualified electrician.

Frequently asked questions

How much quicker will my car charge with this charger?

Depending on the car model, about 3x faster than a regular outlet.

Do I have to make extensive modifications to install the 1P7K?

No, a 32A circuit breaker and a separate power line are enough.

How much does charging at home cost?

The cost depends on the battery capacity of your vehicle and your electricity tariff.

Do I have to install the charger in a garage?

1P7K is IP54 certified so protection from dust and splashing water is provided. Outdoor use is possible.

My power supply is lower than 7 kW. Can I still install this charger?

The charger can be fitted even if the power supply is less than the maximum power delivered by the charger thanks to our load balancing system.

Is my vehicle compatible?

Yes. Our chargers work with any EV that has a Type 2 connector. Most modern vehicles are compliant with IEC 62196.

Let's charge it up

What if you could use your own solar panels to charge your electric car?






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