Introducing the TRI™ Charger

3x the Power of the Same
Compact Form Factor

Discover the TRI™ Charger: Streamlined sophistication meets dynamic power.
Transition to a charging experience that's intuitively tailored to your world.

Safe & Fast Charging

Up to 22kW
This charger goes beyond powering your journeys, it integrates with your lifestyle, shaping a new epoch of seamless efficiency.

Simplicity meets Intelligent Power.

Clean lines. Rich in features.
Easy to use, powerful in action.

Innovative Shutter Cable

First of its kind, integrating protection at the connector level. Specially designed for countries where the shutter is mandatory.

Charge using only solar power

Share it with your friends & neighbours, schedule charging sessions. Charging session details at your fingertips.

Smart Home Ready

Customise your energy source and schedule, harnessing solar power and smart features for an innovative charging journey.

Dedicated mobile app

Share it with your friends & neighbours, schedule charging sessions. Charging session details at your fingertips.

Same look, different feeling.

Dedicated mobile app


Remotely select the mode and power


All charging sessions at your fingertip


Share with friends and neighbours


Choose to charge fully green.

Harness the Sun,
Charge the future

Easily pairs with any solar setup.
Clean energy, always.

Optimized energy

No wasted power. It uses only what's necessary for efficient charging.


By using energy more efficiently, it supports a greener planet.

Safety first

Reduces risks of surges and overloads, ensuring your vehicle and home are always protected.

Type 2 T2S

One charger for all vehicles. Plug in with confidence.

TRI™ Charger

Key specifications
Dynamic charging power up to 22kW
Innovative Shutter Cable
Create a list of approved RFID tags
PV Compatibility
Scheduled Charging
Smart Home Ready

Technical insights


A comprehensive guide into the world of TRI™ Charger.


Specifications, diagrams, and all things technical.

User Manual

Step by step guidance for optimal usage.

How can we help?

Our friendly support team is always here for you, making sure your charging experience is smooth and joyful.
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