Why choose LEKTRI.CO

We provide a smarter, faster, and safer way to charge electric cars.

Better than other EV chargers on the market today, it's packed with useful features, including smart load balancing, PV integration ready, and Wi-Fi connectivity to work with the mobile app.

Benefits of working with us


Big discounts on volumes - the more you buy, the cheaper it gets


Europe based support & warranty


Premium design & smart features

Charger key features

Wi-Fi connectivity

Configuration is a breeze. The app takes you through each step with the help of our wizard.

Adjustable charging current

The charging current can be changed through the app whenever is needed.

Smart load balancing

Using a smart meter with a small current clamp, our software automatically monitors the power used by home appliances and adjusts the charging current accordingly.

Attached charging cable

5m long to suit every location.


Our chargers have integrated RCD protection.


CE, IEC-61851, IK10, IP54, OCPP, MQTT
PV Ready
Our charger helps convert solar-generated electricity into emission-free miles for EVs
1P7K was designed with care for the environment in mind, so it is really easy to integrate with existing or future photovoltaic systems. Your clients get the benefit of a charger that is easy to integrate with any type of PV system.

Smart load balancing

Never worry about overloading your electrical system as our software automatically monitors the power used by home appliances and adjusts the charging current accordingly*
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* Requires load balancing add-on.

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