The first question for many fuel-based vehicle drivers is:

Why should I switch to electric cars?


The engine’s trepidations, the smell of gasoline and the lack of traction when you want to overtake another vehicle on the street disappear when you have an electric car.
Electric vehicles are quick, they have smooth acceleration and speed. All this thanks to an engine that offers instantaneous force to various maneuvers in traffic. Furthermore, electric vehicles do not mess with your senses: they offer an elegant and fun driving experience to any driver.

No noise

No engine revvings

No exhaust gases


The reason many governments turn their attention to electric vehicles is that these are more environment friendly alternatives.

1.5 tons CO2

150g CO2/km x 10.000 km/year

0.02 tons CO2

2g CO2/km x 10.000 km/year

For home

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Free charging in some locations

Charging the electric vehicle at home is just one of the possible scenarios. In everyday life, there will always be a situation where you will need to charge somewhere outside your home: at work or at one of the public charging points in the city. At this point, there are many locations with charging stations for electric vehicles that do not charge the electric consumption they provide so it’s basically free charging, and the costs are reduced once again in this way.
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Maintenance costs are almost zero

What is different from fuel-based vehicles?

  • no need to change oil
  • you don’t have a timing belt
  • you do not have a clutch
  • the brake discs do not wear

The engine of an electric vehicle is much simpler than that of a fuel-based car, and the parts that break and wear the most quickly into an ordinary car are not found in the electric vehicle.

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The Romanian state offers subsidies of up to 45,000 lei

In 2018, the state offers a non-refundable grant of up to 45,000 lei for the purchase of fully electric cars. The “Rabla Plus” program provides an eco-ticket of 45,000 lei, but not more than 50% of the value of the vehicle, which is automatically deducted from the purchase price. Registering to the “Rabla Plus” program can be made until September 28, 2018, according to an announcement issued by the Environmental Fund Administration.
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There is no vehicle tax for electric cars

Electric powered cars are among the few means of transport that are exempt from vehicle tax. Although vehicle tax depends on the cylinder capacity of the engine for petrol or diesel vehicles, it is also a cost to eliminate thus a less concern in vehicle maintenance.
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Free parking for electric vehicles

In some cities in Romania, such as Timisoara or Bucharest, parking is free for electric vehicles. These measures come as support from municipalities to encourage the purchase and use of electric vehicles. The economic growth of large cities in the country leads to the purchase of more vehicles, which contributes to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and hence pollution. Certain municipalities support a less polluting lifestyle for their citizens.

For business

The reasons why different companies install electrical charging stations differ, the advantages for each industry depending on the audience they are addressing:
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Institutions & Public Utilities

A charging station at your institution headquarters improves the image of the institution, making it more modern and adaptable to current global changes. Furthermore, it looks like an administration that wants a healthier life for residents and is inclined towards green and unpolluted cities.
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Give electric car owners another reason to visit your store. If they want to go shopping anyway, they will choose the first location where they can charge their electric car. In this way you can attract new customers or prove loyalty to existing customers due to this extra option. Furthermore, the store can be marked on the map of electric charge stations.
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Private parking

Revenue from parking can be supplemented with revenue from charging electric vehicles. In addition, the existence of an electric charging station may be a differentiating factor compared to other parking lots, attracting exclusive customers.
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Hotels & Restaurants

The availability of an electrical charging station at a hotel or restaurant is the main reason why an electric car owner chooses that location for accommodation or dining. In addition, you open up your possibilities to a special clientele. Your visibility can also increase by subscribing to online map providers and navigation systems as a point of charging location.
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Car fleets

From the acquisition of a vehicle and rent by operational leasing, companies now choose the operational leasing. The overall cost is lower in the long run than that of a fuel-based vehicle because fuel costs are significantly lower, with the leasing cost almost similar.

What is the autonomy of an electric car?

Fully electric vehicles have a range of up to 400 kilometers.
The distance of a journey is influenced by the driving style, outdoor temperature and the air conditioning usage.
Additionally, you can charge your electric car in the parking lots of shopping centers, malls or hotels.