Ladefabrikken welcomes LEKTRI.CO to Norway!

Written by Tudor Marchis

Updated: February 7, 2024
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UPDATE: We're sorry to announce that Ladefabrikken has been liquidated since 12.12.2022.

Ladefabrikken is a company packed with experience that has always been at the forefront of the electric vehicle charging industry in Norway. It is widely known that the citizens of Norway have been some of the most enthusiastic early adopters of electric cars. Ladefabrikken has been supplying these pioneers since as early as 2015. Their experienced team has worked to foster and spread new charging technologies, energizing the industry.

They pursue the vision of a green future and the future is electric.

Boasting cooperation with local electrician partners nationwide, Ladefabrikken offers comprehensive consultation and installation solutions for three main customer groups. Experienced in assisting apartment complexes, private homes, and public infrastructure, Ladefabrikken tailors each solution to the needs of its clients.

Ladefabrikken is proud to partner with LEKTRI.CO. The cutting-edge technology developed by the Romanian-based manufacturer is something the team is passionate about sharing with the Norwegian market. Ladefabrikken thrives on innovation. Charger technology is still very much an emerging industry and companies like LEKTRI.CO continues to raise the standard.

The 1P7K charging station LEKTRI.CO has developed, is coming to the Norwegian market. The base station is simple to install and well within the price range of private homeowners. The integrated charger cable makes charging a little bit easier. This is an easy sell to homeowners who want a safe, reliable, affordable charging system.

Boasting intelligent load balancing capability and customizable management software, the 1P7K charger station from Lektrico is the optimal charging station for Ladefabrikken to provide to their larger customers. Third-party software such as Monta can be used to optimize the management and monetization of commercial setups. Giving the customer total control over the system they have purchased is important for Ladefabrikken. With the tools LEKTRI.CO has facilitated, this has never been easier.

Completing a project with the help of Ladefabrikken is a smooth process. Their team is ready to assist in every phase, from concept, through installation and support. Being a small team, the experience becomes much more personal. After contacting Ladefabrikken a customer can expect a thorough consultation over the phone. The team uses this information to map out the needs of the customer. Electrician partners are then consulted and with them, a solution begins to take form. The customer will then receive an offer detailing the scope and price of the project.

This partnership is an exciting development for the electric vehicle charging industry in Norway. The team at Ladefabrikken is enthusiastic about moving towards a greener future together with LEKTRI.CO.


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