Elbilsvaruhuset.se and LEKTRI.CO has joined forces to serve its customers better. We provide the charging stations, and they take care of installation and assistance for receiving the Green Technology Grant.

When the number of electric vehicles increased rapidly in Sweden during 2021 - a 64% increase over the year, Elbilsvaruhuset.se saw a business opportunity and started its project to become the leading provider of reliable charging stations for electric cars.

To meet the demands of this growing market, new solutions are needed to provide users with a flexible and straightforward solution for charging electric vehicles at home. Nearly 90% of electric vehicle charging occurs when the car is parked at home or at work, so EV owners must be able to equip their homes with a safe and convenient charging solution.

LEKTRI.CO is a Romanian start-up based in Timisoara, which provides charging solutions for EV drivers and has started developing a complete ecosystem for EV drivers. This year we enter the Swedish market, with Elbilsvaruhuset being our crucial partner in providing AC chargers for public and private use.

The purchasing process is simplified for the consumer, with Elbilsvaruhuset.se assisting with all issues relating to charger supply and installation. They also assist in obtaining the environmental grant, known as the Green Technology Grant, which the Swedish Tax Agency issues to install green technology. The grant consists of a 50% price reduction if the same company provides the charger and the installation services.

As mentioned before, the charging station and installation have to come as a complete package, one product that includes the hardware and the installation services to benefit from the grant. Elbilsvaruhuset.se has an advantage over its competitors, and it partnered with Done for developing a unique digital solution to facilitate the buying process of charging systems for the home.

The way this partnership works is that Done offers free consultation through video calls with their selected electricians before the installation process starts. They then make a quote, so the customer gets price proposals as quickly as possible, and the customer then schedules the start of the project directly within Done’s mobile app.

We're thrilled to be working with Elbilsvaruhuset, our Swedish partner, to help develop the home charging infrastructure for EVs in the Nordics. We aim to provide the best charging solutions for our customers with this partnership.

LEKTRI.CO's vision of simple design and well build quality products resonates with our core values at elbilsvaruhuset.se. With this collaboration, we aim to give the Nordic people a good EV charger for a great value with a minimalistic design that people appreciate. Together we strive toward the same goals which are to facilitate the transition to electric driving for all private individuals and provide a simple service with the market's most affordable electric car charger

Filip Sernhede, CEO & CO-founder elbilsvaruhuset.se






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