Rethinking charging.


The LEKTRI.CO Smart charger is designed to fit any needs.


Smart EV charging solutions

Home charging

Home charging is the most convenient way of charging

Apartment blocks

If you live in a condo, we can help you charge your car at home.

Commercial buildings

Charging solutions for your business, shopping mall, or parking lot.


We aim to make your life easier by helping control your charger remotely


The same smart charger, built for three-phase systems.

This charger goes beyond powering your journeys, it integrates with your lifestyle, shaping a new epoch of seamless efficiency.


The most convenient and smart way of charging your EV.

Combining cutting edge technology and smart feature integration, 1P7K enables EV charging at home, at work or while shopping

Smart home and PV ready

We aim to make your life easier by helping control your charger remotely

Easy installation

Wall-mounted or on a pillar, installation is a breeze

Attached charging cable

5m long to suit every location

Dedicated mobile app

Easy configuration

The app takes you through every step

Adjustable charging current

The charging current can be changed whenever needed

Remote control

Remotely start/stop the charging process

Smart load balancing

Our software monitors power usage within the building and automatically adjusts the charging current to prevent overloading
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Our aim
We are devoted to minimizing the carbon footprint by combining our charging solutions with photovoltaic systems since we believe in sustainability and green energy.


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Let's charge it up

It is now easier than ever to charge green!
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